Chilean Ride-

Chilean Ride

Chilean Ride – David O’Caoimh Wakeboard Edit 2017. David O’Caoimh wakeboard videos – “It feels good to finally put out a video that is only wakeboarding and nothing more!!!”

Dubai Marina Sunrise Surfing-

Dubai Marina Sunrise Surfing

Dubai Marina Sunrise Surfing // DJI MAVIC PRO SONY A6500 // Wakesurf Wakeboarding// Weerdose – Weerdose wakeboard videos – Sometimes getting up early really pays off! This episode we had an amazing sunrise Wake...

Training for Wakeboarding-

Training for Wakeboarding

Rusty Malinoski has been a professional wakeboarder for more than 12 years, and while many in the sport have retired by his age, Malinoski, 32, said his CrossFit training has put him at the top of his game.Wakeboarders oft...